Man and a snake

Man and a snake

1/6 scale Chavant NSP medium.

In august I attended an online class with sculptor Jordu Schell. This is what I came up with during the class. It was a full day class and I worked a little on it after the fact also. It was very good to get some critiques on my work, it’s the first time this really ever happend to me!

This is really just a simple sculpture where I tried to pratice anatomy and getting some movement and life into a pretty static pose. As far as themes go I suppose one could apply a ton of meaning to a man holding a snake (snakes being a symbol of evil etc.). But from my part there really was no deep idea or theme that I tried to communicate here, it just sort of happenend.

IMG_2485 IMG_2487 IMG_2489 IMG_2490


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