Old man by the mirror

Old man by the mirror

1/6 scale Chavant NSP medium

Again this sculptures deals with identity and the difficulties humans encounter with identity. There is no mirror but the old man looks at himself and doesn’t recognize what he sees.

It’s inspired by a feeling that catches us at many stages in life. The feeling of seeing someone in the mirror, that is not yourself. A feeling older people often describe, they look in the mirror and barely recognize what life and age have turned them into, wrinkled and old. This idea came to me when I was looking through a book with the anatomical drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. Many of these drawings seemed to be looking at themselves, watching themselves and there own arms and legs in disbelief, sadness and horror. I wanted to capture some of this in 3D. The man stares at his own flesh, having a hard time coming to grips with what he sees.

IMG_2193 09_02 09_03 09_04 09_05 09_06

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